Saturday, September 19, 2015

Micro-Expressions: The first 20 minutes of the GOP Debate

I'm going to present this in a matter of posting a picture and then explaining what I notice in each expression. Once I get to the end of the debate, I will do a specific post on each candidate but since every 20 minutes takes me almost an hour, i'm going to do this bit by bit.There will be a sole blog post on Trump once I finish the debate because I have too many expressions of his. As always, please ask if you have questions!

1.  Jeb Bush: Fear
Our key indicator here is the raised eyebrows which when presented only for a second show surprise, but when they are pulled back and apart, and the corners of the eyelids are pointed down, fear is indicated.

2. Carly Fiorina: Contempt
In this example, Fiorina is trying hard to conceal her contempt, but her squinted right eye and raised right upper lip corner give her away. Contempt is the only one of the Big 7 emotions that is asymmetrical, so it is generally very easy to notice. You can also see that her smile is fake by the lack of movement in her eyes. in a genuine smile, the outer corners of the eyes are crinkled.

3. Marco Rubio: Contempt
While this is similar to the above example of concealed contempt, Rubio does a better job at making the smile look real with his eyes, however, his mouth gives away his true contempt.

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