Saturday, September 26, 2015

Have Some Fire, Be Unstoppable

In a Grey's Anatomy episode sometime back in Season 9 or 10, Cristina said to Meredith that she needed to be unstoppable. I think that this is good advice to live by. If whatever that you are believing in isn't worth fighting for and throwing yourself into, it isn't work believing in at all. This applies to stupid things like TV shows--you all know how passionate I am about my shows, to serious things like religion.

I am passionate about the stupid things that I love for serious reasons as I referenced in a previous post(Why We All Need A Little More Liv in Our Lives). I love Shondaland shows(The three ABC shows all produced by Shonda Rhimes) because they address things that I am passionate about in real life. For example(WARNING SPOILERS), in the Grey's Anatomy episode this previous Thursday night, the doctors treated teenage lesbian lovers that were being bullied for loving each other. Their parents failed to accept them, and not only did the doctors on the show feel for them, but the audience did as well. The amount of celebratory tweets I saw when Maggie Pierce(one of the doctors) punched the homophobic mom of one of the lovers in the face brought tears to my eyes. In a world where there seems to be so much bias and pain, it is nice to see people band together for what they believe in even if it is in relation to something fictional.

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