Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I spent a long time hiding
Cooped up in the confines of my ever-moving brain
Beginning to go insane
Until one fateful day
The mask that I had chosen to hide behind
Was ripped off

I was forced to confront
The fact that I was hurting myself
But not letting people in
To the prison of my anxious mind
And soon I would find

That living in a carefully armored
Shell of a human being
Is not only exhausting, but unpleasant as well
So I began to take the armor down
Sliver by sliver, piece by piece
And some days, it stays up

But my Exodus was not 
The parting of the sea 
But the ability to stop spending so much time wondering
"What is she/he/they find out?"
What if they find out I am human?

I am no longer a slave to my own mind
And perhaps I still have binds
But I have let people in among the wreckage
And because of their kindness
I am ready to stop hiding 

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