Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why I ADORE Cassandra

I am a total nerd when it comes to Greek mythology. I admit it. There is very little that makes me more excited than reading and talking about the gods and goddesses of the ancient world and their shenanigans. Throughout the years, I have read hundreds of different pages of mythology from a multitude of sources. After all this time, I have one favorite character: Cassandra. Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba refused the sexual advances of the god Apollo, and as a result, she was given the gift of prophecy, however, she was cursed with the fact that noone will ever believe her. She foresaw the destruction of Troy, Agamemnon's death and many other things, but nobody ever took her seriously.

Despite the fact that these stories took place across the world and long ago, I think that the portrayal of Cassandra still has strong significance today. We are too quick to write off people who speak harsh truths. This is especially true of women who we are quick to dismiss as "crazy." We, as humans, must learn from Cassandra. We must learn that sometimes the things that are hardest to hear are also the things that we need to know the most.

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